"J'ai marché longtemps pieds nus, je n'avais plus besoin de chaussures !
Je prenais le temps voulu, j'y allais lentement mais sûr."


Lange bin ich barfuß gelaufen, ich brauchte keine Schuhe mehr!

Ich nahm mir die Zeit, die ich wollte, ich ging langsam, aber sicher



... "Maman je suis revenu, mais la vie fait des siennes
Le temps de la trouver, vois-tu, part sans qu'elle ne nous appartienne !"


Mama, ich bin zurückgekommen, aber das Leben stellt sich an

Bis man es gefunden hat, geht es, ohne uns je gehört zu haben...

On a train ride from some place gone
to some place almost certain
in-between my flesh and bone
was the place I met her
and wrapped up in my coat of shame
she laide there sleeping tightly
and as the train pulled to another stop
I knew that she'd go on without me.


Oh fair haired travelling girl
Keep on travelling on
Oh fair haired travelling on
It's just the seat that you have is wrong

Homeward the new road meanders
Washed out the old road as to what did I bring
Flowers, a verse about springtime
Perchance in the treeline she's awaiting for me

Homeward these shoes worn to paper
Thin as the reason I left here so young
Homeward and what if I see her
There in the doorway I walked away from

White house asleep on the hillside
Firm as a habit I struggled to shed
Homeward with heaven above me
Old road behind me, a door up ahead

"I wanna go far away..."

"Furs and silver chairs and shiny things are just a fuss 

We'll eat all peanuts that we steal from the circus 

We'll count the stars and go to sleep under the bus 

We travel light and that's the life for us"

"Mein Herz ist ein Campmobil und ich will segeln gehn

und jeden Tag ist alles neu."


"Der Rundfunkmast funkt rund und ich hab meinen Raketenrucksack auf.

Ich muss wieder fort, ich muss ganz hoch hinaus"

"So when your hope's on fire

But you know your desire

Don't hold a glass over the flame

Don't let your heart grow cold

I will call you by name

I will share your road"


"I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under

The skies I'm under"

"Soon I'll be gone, but you'll linger on, waiting for me.

Before too long, I'll come back home, please wait here for me"

"I am on my way back to where I started"

"I know dark clouds will gather around me

I know my way is rough and steep

But beauteous fields lie just before me

Where gods redeem their visual scheme"

"Now deeper the water I sail

And faster the currents I'm in.

But each night brings the stars 

And the song in my heart

Is a tune for the journeymans tale."

"You're gonna miss me when I'm gone"

"Home is whenever I'm with you"

"Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose"

And a big folk party for the arrival: This train is bound to glory.

"I was lost and now I'm found"